29 People Who Tried To Be Blind-Friendly But Ended Up Failing Miserably

No one said life is easy but some people play this game on a harder level than others. In this case, we particularly have visually impaired people in mind. Good thing there are always some good samaritans jumping in to help others. You could say this is how the world evolves but oh my, would you be wrong with that. This time, all their efforts were in vain as they seemingly didn't get the point of how any of that actually works for the visually impaired. Just take a look at these hilarious attempts to aid the blind!

#1 Braille Under The Glass

Image credits: Kowboooy

#2 Braille On Bumpy Surface

Image credits: Unknown

#3 Printing Dots Is Not Actual Braille

Image credits: Blendination

#4 Braille Sign High Up On The Swings

Image credits: jamie_ashyy

#5 Drive-Through Sign

#6 You Probably Can't See The Lights Tough

Image credits: Bethany Simon

#7 Half The Braille Sign Is Missing

Image credits: Merry-Noel

#8 Braille High Up On A Building

Image credits: vincibutzi

#9 Braille Painted On A Wall

Image credits: goatonastik

#10 Braille Translation

Image credits: Lisa Herrod

#11 Flat Braille On An Audioguide In Vienna

Image credits: Cisco010

#12 Pointless Braille

Image credits: Unknown

#13 The English Caasp (A Standardized Test) Practice Test Has Braille As An Option

Image credits: FoeJoe13324

#14 Only The Button 3 Is With Braille

Image credits: N05C0P3H34D5H0T

#15 Braille Sign Under The Glass

Image credits: Ben McCool

#16 Try Reading Braille Without Touching

Image credits: Evan Siegfried

#17 Braille On A Website

Image credits: Usabilla

#18 Put It Where Every Kid Can Reach

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Why Only One Of These Is In Braille?

Image credits: buchoops37

#20 Braille Temporary Tattoo

Image credits: Beadtography

#21 Orioles Became The First Pro Team To Wear Uniforms With Braille

Image credits: MBL

#22 Braille On This Playground Periscope

Image credits: democraticlimb

#23 That's Not Really How Braille Works

Image credits: MidACenter

#24 Braille On A No Parking Sign

Image credits: Unknown

#25 How Would Blind Person See The Light Though?

Image credits: Unknown

#26 Braille Directions On A Rental Scooter

Image credits: Cheeseand0nions

#27 Braille That The Vision Impaired Patriots Cannot Read

Image credits: Pman6543

#28 This Mcdonalds Has 2D Braille

Image credits: weiss_trash

#29 Metal Braille Information Board In 35°c Heat (95°f)

Image credits: nammo30

#30 (Lol. I Know That This A Screenshot, But Whatever)